Get Fundraiser Now© has partnered with Fundraiser 1.0 to offer a very powerful Creative Funding Solution for smart business owners, internet marketers, network marketers, product developers, product owners, for-profit and non-profit organizations or anyone in need of raising!

It's time to rise above the noise,
of all the dream-stealing distractions,
and place your focus on what really works,
as wealth comes to those who take action!


The Simplest & Fastest Way To Get The Funding You Need – Hassle Free! 

Future Prospects,
Let's get down to the heart of the matter.

We live in a world system that is dedicated to the exchange of a product or service - for money.

Whether we agree with that system or not makes no difference.
Everyone needs money to survive and without a constant influx 
of cash starts to get difficult.

Our solution to that problem is to be well-funded for whatever comes your way.

We're NOT talking about a few thousand dollars either as there are many programs that can drop $10,000 - $20,000 into your hands within 6 months or more.

The kind of cash flow we focus on is LIFE-CHANGING funding that ends your money problems once and for all. If that sounds like something you'd be interested in, read every word of this website my friend!

I know some of you may be thinking..."Is this for real or just another game?"

I'm here to tell you after searching close to 30 years for a legitimate opportunity this hidden gem-of-a-fund, I mean "find", has been sitting under-the-radar in plain view for the past 9 years and counting.

It's really now up to YOU to make that choice to better your financial situation or wait and hope for change to happen.   

Think about it for a moment.

There are 3 personality types in the world today and everyone falls into one of these categories.

#1 - proactive person* - You make something happen!

#2 - reactive person** - You wait for something to happen!

#3 - inactive person*** - You say "what happened?"

I'm not going to explain the deeper meaning behind each of these personality types here as we want to stay focused on the reason you came to this website in the first place, which get funded!            

FYI, we will cover how to "imprint" a successful mindset in our future conference calls.

So, back to the task-at-hand.

Here's where the 3 personality types effect your financial situation immensely.

#1 - You can ACT upon the information and create a better financial future, for yourself & your family!

#2 - You can WAIT and think about the information and hope for a better financial future, for yourself & your family!

#3 - You can IGNORE the information and do nothing to change your financial future, for yourself & your family!

It's really that simple.

We created Get Fundraiser Now
© as an international support & prospecting system for Fundraiser 1.0™. Both of these systems combined create a powerful cash flow solution for anyone, anywhere in the world, looking to get funding.

Why choose
Get Fundraiser Now©?

#1 - Our funding program follows all applicable laws pertaining to investments.
legitimacy: the state of being legitimate

#2 - Our funding program has been in business since 2004. That's close to 10 years.
stability: the state or quality of being stable, especially a. resistance to change, deterioration, or displacement. b. constancy of character or purpose; steadfastness. c. reliability; dependability.

#3 - Our funding program can operate along side your primary business.

compatibility: capable of existing or performing in harmonious, agreeable, or congenial combination with another or others.

We could go on & on about the reasons as to "why" you would want to join us but we'll remain silent and let the program do the talking...which means generating the funds you desire.

Let's shine a financial light on those who need funding & get funded ourselves at the same time.

Become part of of our growing movement to fund the world TODAY!

See you on the inside,

GFN© Team